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Aqua Ultraviolet 25 Watt UV Quartz Sleeve
Aqua Ultraviolet 25 Watt UV Quartz Sleeve

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Aqua Ultraviolet Quartz Sleeve and Rubber Seal fits Aqua UV 15 Watt and 8 Watt Units

  • 15" in Length
  • Includes Purple Rubber Seal
  • Authentic Aqua Ultraviolet Brand

Replacement of the Quartz Sleeve

  1. Unplug system, turn pump off and drain housing. Remove Lamp and Transformer. Note: If you have the Wiper option, pull the Wiper Rod out to be fully extended.
  2. Untwist E-Z Twist Top. This will release the Quartz Sleeve Assembly. Pull The Quartz Sleeve Assembly straight out of the housing.
  3. Untwist Quartz Cap. Push Quartz Sleeve up through E-Z Twist Top. Be careful not to break the Quartz Sleeve. Handling broken glass can cause injury. If your Quartz Sleeve is broken, protect your hands before servicing.
  4. Discard old Quartz Sleeve and Rubber Seal.
  5. Re-install E-Z Twist Top without Quartz Sleeve. Slide Quartz Sleeve into the housing. Be sure to center the quartz sleeve into the seat at the bottom of the unit. Note if you have the Wiper Option: Push the rod completely into the unit and insert Quartz Sleeve assembly through the blade(s). Please note units that use 40 Watt Lamps have 2 Wiper Blades, be sure to insert Quartz Sleeve into both Blades. Be sure the Quartz Sleeve is seated in the bottom of the UV Body.
  6. Gently push the Quartz Sleeve and Rubber Seal in to the E-Z Twist Top until only 1/2 the rubber seal is visible.
  7. Twist on the Quartz Cap. DO NOT use a pipe wrench, pliers or any other tool on this unit. Tighten by hand only.